Lee A Edwards, PhD

Psychologist, Austin Texas

Am I The Right Therapist For You?

I encourage you to read the home / Therapy Overview page and Philosophy / Background page to help answer this question, and I'll also fill in more info here. That's a lot of verbiage, but I think finding the right fit with a therapist is very important, so it's worth the writing and worth the reading.

That's hard to capture in a few words, but these apply:
     challenging (respectfully, I hope!)

Responsibility & Power

I like to share power pretty equally in therapy. You're the expert on your life, and I'm the expert on how therapy works. Together we can probably do great if we both pitch in. While I appreciate that it's possible to do helpful therapy with either client or therapist leading almost completely, it's not my personal preference, and it's not what I think is (usually) like to get you the most change.

I draw on lots of methods because not every client needs the same thing for every problem at every moment. But I can say this: compared to most therapists, I probably pay an extra amount of attention to what you're feeling in the moment, during the session: what your emotions are, and what your body's telling us. Our minds tell a lot of complicated stories, and our emotions and bodies often cut directly to what an experience means to us, so I find this approach is both powerful and ultimately efficient, helping you get some solid change fairly rapidly.

If clients like homework, I'm glad to give it. It can be reflective / conceptual, or it can be very concrete. Again, see the Philosophy & Background page for more about my philosophy and approach. Some folks want to know personal information about a therapist to help them assess whom they're dealing with. So here's a quick summary about me. I am: 57, mostly from Texas, happily married to a female acupuncturist, no kids (but have had good success working on parenting challenges after many years of practice), tall, male, both serious and playful, generally politically liberal, open-minded about world-views (won't tell you what you need to believe), musical, sometimes obsessive and very respectful of people who want to change their lives. Whew.

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