Lee A Edwards, PhD

Psychologist, Austin Texas

Therapy Overview

Yes, I'm open! I'm doing video sessions for the time being. Thanks for checking in. Lee

Welcome! I'm a licensed psychologist in Austin,  Texas. I do individual therapy with adult men and women as well as couples counseling. Please check out the links to learn about my philosophy of therapy, my background and how to make an appointment

Benefits of my style of therapy include more:

  • self-acceptance
  • authenticity
  • sense of peace
  • skill in dealing with difficult emotions
  • connection with others
  • effective communication:
  •      listening better
  •      speaking directly and tactfully

  •      and less:
  • harshness toward yourself
  • harshness toward other people
  • stress and anxiety

I fit best with clients who:

  • want to change how you operate
  • want to feel more awake, alive, present, engaged in your life
  • are willing to take the risk of changing 
  • want to understand where problems come from and to work on a deep level
  • want a working partnership with a psychologist—so we're working as a team, sharing leadership and power
  • want to be more creative or expressive
  • are straight or gay or both

I fit worst with clients:

  • are doing this because someone else wants them to or who need a letter for someone
  • want quick relief of symptoms through concrete advice without focus on causes
  • have severe issues, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; my clients tend to be high-functioning
  • are under 18

  Some of the issues I often help people with:

  • relationships, individually or as a couple
  • being more aware of emotions; how best to deal with them
  • becoming more passionate and energetic
  • artistic expression, creativity
  • narcissism, obsessive personality and other character styles
  • cancer (I'm a prostate cancer survivor)
  • sexual concerns
  • depression and anxiety, viewed as symptoms of underlying patterns
  • authenticitybeing real with yourself and others
  • self-acceptance
  • identity
  • divorce and other breakups
  • communication
  • assertiveness
  • career direction
  • retirementregular, early and too-early

Please have a look around my web site. You can read much more about my philosophy of therapy, my background or couples counseling. Then give me a call to talk about whether we might be a good fit. Welcome, Lee

Licensed psychologist, Austin

(512) 694-1322

4403 Menchaca Rd, Suite A, South Austin, TX 78745
Not on insurance panels